Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q. What is Voice on the Go?
A. It’s a mobile application that uses your voice to email, text, or call contacts.
- Listen to email
- Send email/SMS by voice and your voice message converts into text
- Compose, Reply, Forward email, Without Typing
- Update Facebook status by voice
- Send Tweets to Twitter by voice
- Search contacts & call by voice
- Dial ANY other phone number by voice
- Click Here to see a demo

2 Q. Why should I use Voice on the Go?
A. Legal, safe and productive access to email and texts
Voice on the Go allows you to manage email, Text message and calls completely hands free. You can stay productive, safe and abide by texting and driving laws.
As little as 1 texting and driving fine can pay for 3 years of Voice on the Go.
See a list of States and provinces that ban cell phone use and texting and driving.

3 Q. How do I use Voice on the Go?
A. It’s simple and easy to use!
1. Find your local dial-in number – Click Here
2. Call local dial-in number
3. Say a command at any time (Ex. “Email” to listen to email)
See a list of voice commands

4 Q. What email can I access with Voice on the Go?
A. Works on most email providers
Access up to four email accounts
Most web-based emails: Gmail™, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Sympatico, Rogers, Telus, etc.
All POP3 and IMAP email services
For corporate email, Voice on the Go supports a secure IMAP connection and Outlook Web Access.
An enterprise version is available that provides secure voice access to corporate email for companies, government and other organizations. For more information please email us at:

5 Q. What is POP3 or IMAP?
A. POP3 and IMAP are methods of accessing your email from programs such as Outlook® or Outlook® Express and .Mac

6 Q. Where and when can I use Voice on the Go?
A. Anytime and anywhere
Voice on the Go works anywhere your phone works.

7 Q. Which cell phones are compatible with Voice on the Go?
A. Voice on the Go works on any phone. This includes: “dumb phones”, land-lines, BlackBerry® Smartphone, Apple iPhone™, Windows Mobile®, Google™ Android

8 Q. Does it matter what carrier I use?
A. No.
Voice on the Go works with any wireless carrier.

9 Q. Can I send SMS/Text messages through Voice on the Go?
A. Yes.
Simply call Voice on the Go and Say “Compose SMS” OR “Compose Text” and send text messages using Voice-to-text to any person in your contact list. 15 seconds of audio will be sent as text

10 Q. Can I compose an email by voice?
A. Yes.
Users can reply, compose and forward Email using Voice-to-text. Emails include up to 60 seconds of text and an attached audio file (.wav)

11 Q. Do I need a specific headset to access Voice on the Go?
A. No.
Voice on the Go works with any speakerphone, headset (Bluetooth or wired), in car hands-free kit, or you can simply hold the handset to your ear.
Note: To improve the voice recognition it is recommended to use a Bluetooth and cell phone headset and not the speakerphone.

12 Q. Can I place phone calls with Voice on the Go?
A. Yes.
Your subscription includes 100 minutes of FREE Long Distance calling across North America.
Voice on the Go allows you to make calls to any contact on your list or simply call by number.

13 Q. Where can I find a list of Voice on the Go dial-in numbers?
A. To get a list of dial-in numbers –
Click Here
When traveling select one of the local dial-in numbers worldwide.

14 Q. How do I load my contacts?
A. Contact Sync Options
1. Download and launch the Contact Synchronizer on your BlackBerry, iPhone or Android to synchronize your contacts.
2. Don’t have any of those phones? Synchronize with Outlook®, Outlook® Express, Windows Live™, Yahoo! and Gmail™. Click here to sync contacts in the User Portal.
3. Upload a CSV file from ANY other email program into Voice on the Go. Click here to upload
4. Enter contacts manually online via the admin portal. Click here to enter contacts

15 Q. Can I change my settings or preferences?
A. Yes.
Visit: at any time to change your settings and preferences or add new email accounts.

16 Q. Can Voice on the Go read email attachments?
A. No.
But, Voice on the Go will tell you if you have an attachment, and for most, which type of document.

17 Q. Can there be timing differences in my Emails on Voice on the Go versus my Blackberry®, iPhone or computer?
A. Yes.
Email is sourced periodically from the server and as such there may be temporary timing differences when emails are received

18 Q. Can I use Voice on the Go in a noisy environment?
A. Yes.
Voice on the Go filters most background noise; however when accessing Voice on the Go in very noisy environments, you may need to mute your phone and use the keypad. For a complete list of touchtone commands (“DTMF”) refer to the DTMF command list.

19 Q. Who uses Voice on the Go?
A. Anyone who wants to email & SMS while driving especially:
Sales and executives
Taxi drivers, truck drivers, repair men
Real estate, insurance sales & claims
Government Employees, elected officials
Soccer moms and hockey dads

20 Q. Are my emails and text secure?
A. All your data is confidential and kept encrypted for safety.
All data is 128-bit encrypted in a fully secured and professionally managed data centre.
The same 128-bit encryption is used by the US Government and major banks to protect classified information
Secure firewalls help prevent unauthorized access to our internal systems.
Customers enter their email addresses & passwords with Voice on the Go the same way as they register email for Blackberry© Internet Service (‘BIS’).
When contacts are synchronized, Voice on the Go only stores First & Last Name, Company Name, Email Address, Mobile, Work & Home numbers.
No other information is stored.

21 Q. How much do I pay?
A. Voice on the Go is a monthly subscription of $8.99 plus applicable taxes. Calls to Voice on the Go are subject to your usual carrier rates.

22 Q. What languages are available with Voice on the Go?
A. Voice on the Go is available worldwide in a number of languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

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