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Saver Emergency Breath System – Home Safety!

Protect your family from home fires with the Saver Emergency Breath System.

The first personal home safety device designed to prevent the inhalation of smoke and toxic gases during a fire.


- Personal life saving device

- Filters toxic chemical substances

- Can be activated within 5 seconds

- Removes toxic gases for up to 5 minutes

- Compact and simple to use

- Combines a breathing mask, flashlight and alarm

Time is of the essence. The time needed to escape home fires has been reduced to as little as 2 minutes. This is considerably shorter than the 7-minute response-time target for firefighters. This disparity can mean the difference between life and death. Saver is dedicated to saving lives everywhere.

Special Price for a Limited Time Only – $8.99/month gives you access to Voice on the Go as well as a suite of MobiLifestyle apps including personal safety and security:

Help Me Here – Emergency Alerts
Send emergency alerts to family showing a map & address of your current location.
Available on Android. iPhone coming soon

MobiProtect – Lock, Locate & Wipe your Phone
Remotely lock, locate, wipe your phone, or have it scream if lost or stolen
Only Available on Android

LocateShare – Track Friends & Family
Invite friends/family to join a tracking group where you can share your real-time location.
Available on Android. iPhone coming soon

Voice on the Go – Handsfree Email & Text
Email, Text and Call by voice hands-free
Works on any phone

Parent Patrol – Track Your Child
Track your child’s location when they enter or exit a boundary set by parents
Available on Android. iPhone coming soon

TeenSafer – Stop Your Teen From Texting & Driving
Helps to prevent teens from texting, calling & using other apps while driving by blocking the phone once the vehicle is traveling.
Only Available on Android

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*Only valid for North America

Texting & Driving?

Listen to EmaiL, Text and Call – All By Voice!

  • Listen to Email

  • Compose, reply & forward email By Voice

  • Compose SMS messages By Voice

  • Call by name OR call by number

  • Hands Free

  • Cloud based app using your voice

  • Works on any phone

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