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Listen to your email and reply by voice without typing while driving.
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  Listen to your email hands-free and eyes-free
  Reply, forward and compose email by voice sending an audio (.wav) file**
  Quickly delete unwanted messages by voice

  Access contacts and place calls by voice
  Contacts can be entered manually or via .csv file upload*

  Review and create appointments by voice*

FREE Long Distance: 

  Call your contacts using Voice on the Go® local access numbers and receive 100 free
   out-bound North America-wide minutes

Works on ANY Device 
& Headset: 

  Works on ANY cell phone, Apple iPhoneTM, Blackberry® smartphone,
Windows Mobile®, GoogleTM Android, Symbian devices, Bluetooth or wired-headset

*Outlook Calendar & Contact Sync beta currently available upon request through support@voiceonthego.com

 **New Features - Coming March 1st, 2009!
Record email messages by voice and have Voice on the Go® translate them to text

Record SMS messages by voice and have Voice on the Go® translate them into a text message

Contact & Calendar Sync
Outlook, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo & more...

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