Voice on the Go Partner Programs

Reseller Program

Voice on the Go’s Partnership Program is an exciting new opportunity for your organization.

  • • Significant Recurring Revenue
  • • Subscription Model
  • • Revenue Share
  • • Powerful Add-on Sale
  • • Great opportunity to bundle your Products and Services with Voice on the Go
  • • Attract and retain customers with a new “sticky” application
  • • Go to market quickly with our proven solution

Co-branded Program
We provide an exciting Reseller Program which allows you to leverage Voice on the Go and take advantage of the media attention around texting and driving. We provide you with a co-branded landing site which ensures that all of your sales are tracked accordingly. Based on a revenue share, our programs will provide you with additional revenue and the ability to add voice services to your portfolio. Using our technology, we can have you up and running quickly.

White Label Program
Voice on the Go’s White Label program is for companies who wish to add valuable voice enabled services to their existing product set or service offering. Whether bundled, fully integrated or sold as a standalone, this program allows for maximum flexibility and customization including support for multiple languages (E.g. English, French and Spanish). We work very closely with our White Label partners to provide a powerful solution that drives revenue under their brand.

Turnkey Offering
Voice on the Go provides:

  • • Hosted solution through Voice on the Go’s Network Operations Center (No Hardware Required)
  • • Local Access Numbers available in over 60 countries
  • • Complete language support for English (UK & US), French and Spanish (Spain & Latin America)
  • • Beta versions in Italian, German & Dutch
  • • Optional 1st or 2nd line support
  • • Multiple billing options or use our API

Get Started
Offer any or all of Voice on the Go’s services. We are ready to begin working with you right now so join our many other successful partners who are generating revenue through Voice on the Go’s bundled solution by contacting us at partners@voiceonthego.com or call 1-905-205-0022 and ask us how we can help you get started today!