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Mobile Applications


Helps reduce the risks caused by the danger of reading messages while driving.

Listen’N'Drive enables you to automatically listen to incoming messages hands-free using a data connection.

  • Listen to incoming Email
  • Listen to incoming Text Messages (only available on Android)
  • Auto-Reply Message

Available on: Android & iPhone

Voice on the Go

Helps reduce the risks caused by the danger of composing or reading messages while driving.

Using voice commands, you can:

  • Listen to Email
  • Compose, Forward & Reply to Email
  • Compose Text Messages
  • Call Contacts

Keep your Hands on the Wheel and Eyes on the Road with this hands-free Texting & Driving Solution.

Works on any phone

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Help Me Here

Have you, your children or your loved ones ever been in a critical situation where immediate assistance was needed?

What if you or they were in an accident, or were feeling threatened by another person?

With a push of a button, Help Me Here will:

  • Send alert messages to your emergency contacts immediately requesting assistance
  • Send your current updated location with an address and a map to your Emergency contacts
  • Notify up to 10 Emergency contacts at once

Available on: Android. iPhone coming soon

Parent Patrol

Are you concerned for your child or loved one’s safety? Know when your loved one or child has arrived safely at school, work, a friend’s house or other locations.

Know when they leave a designated location before they were supposed to

Get updated notifications of where they are when they leave the designated area.

  • You can create a virtual boundary (or “safe zone”) for your child or loved one to stay within
  • Receive alerts immediately when your child or loved one leaves or enters that virtual boundary
  • Location updates are sent periodically to parents or other contacts set up on the phone (up to 10 contacts
  • View a map and time of their current location.


Available on: Android. iPhone coming soon


Stop your child from using their phone while they are driving

TeenSafer helps to prevent your teen driver from texting, making / answering calls and using other apps once the vehicle is moving, except for emergency calls

  • Emergency Phone Number and 2 Administrator Phone Numbers (e.g. mom and dad) can be set
  • Set a speed limit to monitor the speed of your child while driving
  • Alerts/Notifications – can be sent to the Parent / Administrator or viewed on the web when the driver exceeds the set speed limit, showing their speed and current location.


Only Available on Android. Not available on iPhone


How would you feel if your phone was lost or stolen?

Are you concerned that your personal information may be accessed, stolen and used for fraud?

In case your phone is lost or stolen, MobiProtect enables you to:

  • Lock the phone remotely so personal data cannot be accessed
  • Your phone cannot be used until you unlock it yourself
  • Locate your phone on a map
  • Play an alarm sound (“Scream”) remotely to locate your phone
  • In case of theft, you can capture and email a Photo after every 3 failed attempts to unlock your phone.
  • If necessary, you can wipe all data on the phone so personal data will no longer be available to anybody

Only Available on Android. Not available on iPhone


Do you want to keep track of your children or loved ones?

Friends and family can instantly keep track of each other (while traveling, at an amusement park, etc.) with the tap of a button and with permission.

  • Send invitations to family and friends to join your tracking group
  • View the locations of up to 10 persons (in a “tracking group”) on a map in real-time
  • View a map and time of their current location.

Available on: Android. iPhone coming soon