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Une critique: Voice on the Go permet l’usage de mobile plus sûr dans la voiture

“Voice on the Go has been out for quite a long time, and I’m surprised we never reviewed it. Imagine getting your emails and texts read to you while you drive, and creating and sending emails and texts while never touching your cellphone.”

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Senior Director, Handango

“Moving the industry dial, Voice on the Go is an innovative application that shatters industry norms. A first of its kind”

Reviewer from Menlo Park, CA

“Before I used this software, I would often try to read and respond to my emails while driving. That all changed when I got into an accident on my way to work. Lucky for me, no one was hurt, but nonetheless, I needed to change my ways. Voice on the Go was the answer. This solution has allowed me to safely integrate driving and emailing. I’m now able to multi-task safely and legally. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the product. Its the first bit of productivity software that I have purchased in a long time, that has actually increased my productivity.”

“What I really like about the application is that it doesn’t require any voice training”

“When I tried this service, I was amazed at how accurate it was for sending SMS or replying to e-mail. I have a bit of an accent and to my surprise, not only were all my emails very accurate, but it even adds correct punctuation to the email.”

“This service is a godsend. I was always distracted by the iPhone letting me know there was email”