Voice on the Go Commands Guide

You can say at any time:
To listen to your email
Compose Email
To compose a new email
Compose Text
To send a text message
To call a contact
Search for a contact
Main Menu
To return to the main menu
To cancel an action
To get a complete list of available commands
Good Bye
To disconnect from Voice on the Go
To be connected with support for assistance
When listening to email, you can say:
Next Email
To jump to the next email
Previous Email
To jump to the previous email
Reply Email
To reply to the sender of the email
Reply All
To reply to the sender and all recipients of the email
Forward Email
To forward the email to a contact
Delete Email
To delete the email
Add Sender to Contact List
To add the email address of the sender to your contact list
Read Faster
To read the email slower
Read Slower
To read the email slower
While in your contacts, you can say:
Call Business
To call the contact’s business number
Call Mobile
To call the contact’s mobile number
Call Home
To call the contact’s home number
Search Again
To search for a new contact